Hello from the Managing Director

Hello, everyone!

This is a special first post for me. Last month I took on the job of Managing Director of the Calliope Pro company. It’s a dream job come true. I’ve watched Calliope Pro grow and evolve over the last seven years from very humble beginnings. 

The first release of Calliope Pro was an internal tool to assist our software test automation developers in building complex suites much faster than using a stock framework. It quickly moved forward as a tool to help communicate results in real-time to our clients for whom we provided our test automation service. From this point, we started to receive requests from customers to have it as a paid service as a solution they could add to their ecosystem of services. 

That brought us to where we are today, a full-featured SaaS product that we spun off into its own company with a dedicated team behind it. To be allowed the opportunity to lead this hugely talented team is a privilege.

As I am now leading this team it’s important to state what our focus is right now. 

Calliope Pro has always benefited test automation engineers who desired to bring visibility to their results to a broader community within their organisations. However, functional testing and those testers that did that work were left behind as we pushed ahead with collaboration features that benefit the automation engineers. I’m happy to say that we’ve come full circle here, and we’re currently building new features that directly support all those testers who don’t write code as their day-to-day job.

With this first post, I’d like to (virtually) open my door to anyone interested in Calliope Pro and would like to talk about it. Be it about how good they feel it is, how bad they think it is, what features work for them, and what features they need. I’m very keen to talk to anyone who has an opinion. In this way, our team will stay close to the people who use our solution. 

Get in touch with our team via our Slack channel and give us your feedback. 

Thanks for reading, and until my next post, happy testing.

Cheers, Andy.


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