Calliope Pro, an alternative to Cypress Dashboard

Cypress is a very useful and enjoyable test automation solution with a great built-in report dashboard used by many teams or individuals. It’s simple, fast and easy to implement. But, it is only useful if you are using Cypress and not other tools or frameworks, which is unrealistic.

If you’re looking for an extensive reporting dashboard that supports Cypress reports as well as many other solutions, Calliope Pro is here for you.

Cypress Dashboard


The Cypress framework has a great platform called Cypress Dashboard where you can inspect your recorded test results, view ongoing tests in the pipelines, and most importantly, have a look at the report data (called Analytics) to assess past results and effectively plan for the future. 

Gaining insights into your test results and monitoring the improvements or degradations of those tests help to create a more holistic picture of what you are testing. For example, if yesterday’s test indicated an issue in one area that you fixed with the latest refactoring, but today’s test indicated a new issue elsewhere, you can very clearly assume that they are related.

Cypress makes the integration process slightly easier than other testing frameworks via utilisation of projectId in the configuration file and record key in CLI.

Cypress Limitations


The Cypress Dashboard is great for working with Cypress test reports, but most QA teams don’t or can’t use just one framework. Most large companies are using numerous different frameworks or tools from Cypress to Serenity, from Burp to XCUITest to cover every aspect of their product.

Listed frameworks/tools cannot be constrained to only UI testing or API testing. When companies are building large and scalable products, performance and security testing also comes into play. When all the frameworks and tools are brought together to test a fully functioning software product, the situation can become very complex. What can you do to bring clarity to the chaos?


The solution


Calliope Pro is capable of bringing you and your team peace of mind and effective decision making turning all your test results into beautiful, intuitive reports that instantly give all stakeholders an understanding of the health of the development project, from one dashboard.

Unlike Cypress, Calliope Pro works with most major frameworks to fit your development project. It gives your development team the power to report and monitor test results into one central source of truth on code quality.

Side-by-side: versus Calliope Pro Calliope Pro
Default dashboard V X
Test executor V X
Live results V X
Report charts & graphs V V
Collaboration V V
Historical comparison ? V
Email notifications ? V
Slack integration ? V
Supports Cucumber X V
Supports JUnit X V
Public sharing X V
Other formatters X V
Other tools X V
Free Limit 500 test results* / 3 users 25 reports** per month / 3 users
Pricing Starting at €66 for 100*** test treports / 10 users €250,- for 1,000 reports / 25 users

*    A test result is a single test, meaning you can run 5 test suites with 100 results max.
**   A report, as of writing this article, has no limit to the number of tests.
*** On tbe basis on 1 report containing 100 results.

Check out Calliope Pro’s supported tools and frameworks and supported reporter formats here!
Curious to give Calliope Pro a try right now for free? Sign up for our free starter account, no credit card or payment information is required. 


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