DevOps Test Results Dashboard

Learn how Calliope can benefit your team by managing continuous testing results data from test automation, manual testing, security testing, and link checking tools. Explore the features of Calliope as your DevOps tool of choice and watch our short explainer video below.

Your DevOps Tool of Choice

Calliope Pro is a DevOps test results dashboard tool which allows your team to share, compare, and monitor test results across your entire development team while supporting all major test frameworks.

Any test automation and software testing tools that export test results via JSON or XML can be turned into beautiful, intuitive reports that instantly give all stakeholders an understanding of the health of the development project.

Feature packed and more to come

Calliope Pro already comes with a lot of features to benefit your development team and we are constantly looking for ways to add value to the tool. These are just a few of them.


  • Easily share your test results with all stakeholders as they are written in Gherkin syntax and as simple as “copy and paste” to share.

  • Invite all team members to collaborate and structure your dashboard like you structure your team, using multiple projects and profiles. You are the architect.


  • With all of your test results in one location, all stakeholders (technical and otherwise) can always be aware of the health of the code and status of your tests.

  • Test results are more useful when compared with previous ones. We store the results of every test you import so you can always see when a regression was introduced.


  • API integration allows you to run your test suits on demand in the test results dashboard.

  • CI/CD integration using GitLab to set up the automatic importing of test results to Calliope. A truly DevOps approach to testing.

Manage your various projects

Company workspaces can contain multiple projects and profiles. They can help provide structure to the managing of your test results by allowing you to differentiate your project groups and types of tests.