Calliope Pro for Testers

Calliope Pro, your DevOps tool
for test results reporting.

Whether you are a test automation engineer, a QA engineer, or even a security tester, Calliope Pro is a DevOps tool for organising your test results data to share with your colleagues and it also enables you to more easily identify regressions.

Test Automation engineers are able to provide more insight for the team and QA engineers are able to identify areas for manual testing and record test scenarios directly into the dashboard.

Calliope allows testers, whether a part of a small team or a large one, to combine the results from all of their testing tools into one location. Quick feedback is crucial for Agile and DevOps workflows making a central dashboard for all test results invaluable to your team. Calliope supports most major test framework and tools.

We don’t currently support a tool you use? Send us a message and we will add it to the next release.

As a tester, your time is precious. 

We know this from experience. Calliope is flexible enough to allow the set up automatic result uploads via API or through integration with your CI/CD pipeline and DevOps toolchain.

We are continually trying to make the integration of Calliope into you and your team’s way of working as seamless as possible. We believe that test results need to be heard and seen, not overlooked.