Calliope Pro is a DevOps tool to displays your test results in a clear and beautiful format, making easy to instantly know what is going on with your project. Our DevOps tool for monitoring test results supports most major test formats including Cucumber, TestNG and JUnit, so that all your results can be visualised and analysed by the entire team. Finally, you can share your tests results data with any stakeholders in the organisation, which the simple share of a link.

All your test results in one secure place

Calliope Pro uses the latest technologies such as Kubernetes and the latest Rails framework to keep your information secure. You can also host your own test scripts, so we store no sensitive data, only the test results.

Share test results easily

Share your test results easily, both online and across your entire team. Because the test results are using the Gherkin syntax, anyone in your team (technical or business) will be able to understand them.

Easily upload your test results

The Calliope interface makes importing test results as easy as can be. No technical knowledge is required. Just use the file upload window or drag and drop

Cucumber in the (private) cloud

Calliope Pro uses the open-source framework Cucumber, so we can run your Cucumber scenarios on our servers or set up your own private cloud on request.

Unique TA Maintenance service

We offer a unique and cost-effective TA Maintenance service that will keep your test suite consistently up-to-date, and it’s all yours for an unbelievable price.

Schedule and start your tests on demand

Run your test suites whenever you want. With the easy-to-use interface, you can start a test run instantly.

Screenshots incorporated into your test results

Screenshots are seamlessly integrated in the test scenario’s results, making failure analysis a piece of cake.

Customise notifications and summaries

You’ll receive notifications when test runs are complete. The configurations are customisable, so you can choose if you want consistent updates or notifications only when (new) errors occur.

Integrates with any Continuous Integration setup

The Calliope API allows you to start tests, check the status of a test run and analyse test results from any CI setup or framework such as Jenkins.

Unique overview of your test result history

Test results are more valuable when compared with previous ones. We store the results of every test run, so you can always see when a regression was introduced.

Supporting all the popular test result formats

Calliope supports JSON and XML test result formats ranging from frameworks such as JUnit, TestNG, to Cucumber and ZAProxy.

Beautiful test reports

Finally a platform that can produce clean and beautiful test results that you dare to share with anyone in the team.