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We’re the makers of Calliope Pro, a DevOps tool that displays all your test results in one and the same place to allow you to know what’s going on with your project in instants – and share it easily with any stakeholder. Calliope is also a part of spriteCloud, which means you could be working alongside many dedicated testers. Do you want to be part of the adventure?

We are looking for intrepid engineers who are not afraid of challenges – even better who love them! Calliope Pro is a new and relatively unique tool, that means many solutions are yet to be invented. If you see problems as opportunities and you’re looking for an exciting challenge rather than staying in your comfort zone, come join us!

We have the following vacancies:

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Find the music in the noise of test result data.

Calliope pro has been created by testers for testers, with the aim to help your team find the music in the noise of test result data. We believe that collaboration should be as easy as possible and that this can be achieved with simple and beautiful data visualisations.

With our universal data integration tool, we are at the forefront of data visualisation. For our staff this means they get to be part of an exciting adventure in a scale-up where every day can be very diverse – and full of new challenges. You can expect a work environment that values Quality, Openness, Respect, Passion and being Social, as these are part of our DNA at Calliope.

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Collaboration through data visualisation.

An image is worth a thousand words and that’s no different at Calliope.We want to foster collaboration with beautiful and clear visualisations.  Why would one choose to rely on a cryptic excel sheet when you can share the progress of your development project with easy to grasp graphs?

We wish to create a community centred around data. Data shouldn’t be locked away on an employee’s laptop, it should be available for everyone in your team to use and contribute to better decision-making. Doing so allows to implicate stakeholders in the development process and decreases response time.

Check out our steadily growing YouTube Channel to find out want to find out more about what Calliope can do.


You won’t get bored with us. Working at Calliope means being involved in upstream management conversations, having contact with clients, development work as well as collaborating with marketing to get our message out. Days can be very exciting!

On top of a fun and social team at Calliope, we can also offer you opportunities to connect with talented colleagues through our parent company spriteCloud. This means that you will also have colleagues working on projects related to consultancy, performance testing and cybersecurity. Curious to know more about working at Calliope and spriteCloud?

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Where do we see ourselves in five years?

It’s a pretty cliche question but we like it because we have p-l-a-n-s!

We consider DevSecOps to be the future of software engineering. In that perspective, we are working towards expanding Calliope so that all types of quality tests can be visualised through it. Manual regression tests, automation testing, unit testing, performance and load testing, security and vulnerability scanning, smoke test, or API tests –   everything that can be considered a quality metric should be present in our data visualisation tool.

We have plans!

Take a peek behind the scenes with our Blog.

We like to share the Calliope journey and take the community behind the scenes with our blog. Admittedly, it’s a relatively new project so don’t expect many articles (yet). In the blog, you can learn about the making of CPro and find out about new developments, features, as well as insightful reflections on future changes. It’s also a place we would like to use to share our team’s knowledge around topics related to testing.

All members of the team are welcome to participate, so if you enjoy writing or being in front of a camera on top of working for a cutting edge SaaS tool this might be just the new challenge for you.

Have a look at our blog.

Where is your office? You might ask.

We have fully embraced remote working and don’t put geographical limits on the talents that join us. In other words: we welcome colleagues from all over the world. This is not only a pragmatic choice due to the current pandemic but true strength. Working in a distributed remote team allows us to have at least a pair of eyes looking over Calliope 16 hours a day.

This does not mean we only see each other through a computer screen though. We plan to get together with the whole team three times a year – be it in Amsterdam, Barcelona or in any other city where we have (future) colleagues.

join us from wherever you are

Employee Stories

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