Visualise, Analyse, and Share
Cucumber Test Results
For real-time code quality data to guide development decisions.

Cucumber reporting tool to power decision-making

Calliope Pro helps your development team make important development decision based on real-time test results data. Calliope aggregates test results from all of your Cucumber tests into one central dashboard, where you can easily generate insightful reports to instantly share with your colleagues.

Calliope Pro helps your team find the music in the noise of test result data.


Calliope Pro takes JSON and XML based results from a variety of tools and turns them into insightful data visualisations, in one dashboard.

Doing so makes it easier for developers, software managers, and testers to see results from the last test run or the health of the application, at a glance.


Compare current and past data for insights
Calliope's colour-coded indicators give an immediate indication of status, allowing for fast feedback for release decisions.
Beautiful graphs making it easier to spot in what test runs bugs were introduced, helping your team identify where to apply a fix.
Colourful statuses immediately indicate to your team where to direct their attention, and allow for a drill-down to location the exact location.
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Cucumber test results are more useful when compared with previous test runs.

Calliope Pro stores the results of every test you import in a secure cloud, so you can always see how the current test results compare with previous results. 

Monitor the health of the codebase
Instantly get insightful information about your report: to help you determine your next steps.
See the history of a step and pinpoint when and where it failed making fixing them quick and easy
Get a side-by-side comparison between your profiles for an instant overview of the system under test.
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With all of your Cucumber test reports in one dashboard, Calliope lets you easily share the results with your development team. 

This facilitates faster feedback cycles, adds transparency to the testing process, and it makes everyone in the team responsible for code quality.

shSSharing haring test data is easy
Customize when you want to receive a notification.
Calliope Pro integrate with Slack messages so that you can share test results seamlessly.
Sharing test data as easy as copy and paste, making it mesh with other project management tools.
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