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Six core benefits of Calliope Pro


Reduce bottlenecks

Testing is often a huge bottleneck but Calliope supports fast feedback cycles, helping to reduce the hold-up on development.

Empower developers

Calliope empowers developers with data and encourages unit testing to identify bugs early, when they are cheaper to fix.

Secured in the cloud

Secured with state of the art security measures such as 2FA and the latest Google Cloud and Kubernetes security updates.

Data-driven decisions

Software managers can easily see test coverage and monitor code stability, arming them with the data to make release decisions with confidence.

Collaborate on quality

Quality is the responsibility of everyone because no one person can successfully deliver a project by themselves.

Use current tooling

Calliope is open source and tools agnostic, which means you can use the tools you need to get the job done.

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