Automated Test Results Dashboard
share, compare, and monitor test results
for real-time code quality data.
Available for spriteCloud customers only
Automated Test
Results Dashboard
Share, compare, and monitor test results for real-time code quality data

Six core benefits of Calliope Pro


Reduce bottlenecks

Testing is often a huge bottleneck but Calliope supports fast feedback cycles, helping to reduce the hold-up on development.

Empower developers

Calliope empowers developers with data and encourages unit testing to identify bugs early, when they are cheaper to fix.

Secured in the cloud

Secured with state of the art security measures such as 2FA and the latest Google Cloud and Kubernetes security updates.

Data-driven decisions

Software managers can easily see test coverage and monitor code stability, arming them with the data to make release decisions with confidence.

Collaborate on quality

Quality is the responsibility of everyone because no one person can successfully deliver a project by themselves.

Use current tooling

Calliope is open source and tools agnostic, which means you can use the tools you need to get the job done.

Calliope Pro for every role

Find out how our test results reporting and monitoring dashboard will support each development team member toward creating high-quality applications.

DevOps to DevTestOps

In today’s software development lifecycle, QA and testing are critical elements for creating incredible products, but they often slow down development progress. Test Automation can alleviate some of the pressure by automating much of testing, but how do you make sense of all the data?

Calliope Pro helps your team find the music in the noise of test result data.


Calliope Pro makes it easier for all project team members to contribute to the quality, helping to speed up testing and reduce the costs of bug fixes.

  • Developers will write more complete unit tests when they are seen on a daily basis. Shifting testing to the left.
  • Managers gain a bird’s eye view of the AUT to more swiftly allocated resources to problem areas.
  • Since all results are stored in the cloud, sharing test data is as simple as copying and pasting a link.
shSSharing haring test data is easy


Test results are more useful when compared with previous test runs. We store the results of every test you import so you can always see how the current test results compare with previous results. 

This helps you:

  • see when a regression was introduced
  • easily make release decisions
  • see real-time code quality, at a glance
Compare current and past data for insights


Calliope supports API and CI/CD integrations, meaning test suites can be run on-demand and the test results data is automatically imported into the dashboard.

This means that:

  • Managers have access to real-time data to base resource allocation and release decisions on, all without needing to request it from busy testers.
  • Testers will spend more time on test coverage and refactoring, rather than reporting.
  • Developer can fix bugs fast with the help of screenshots and code snippets in the data.
Monitor the health of the codebase

Empower your development team to embrace quality and work collaboratively in creating applications that meet business goals and go beyond customer expectations.

Calliope was created to solve important problems

Ten years ago we saw a number of trends happening in software development. While these trends represent progress and maturing of the software development world, they also can cause a lot of issues, particularly with QA and testing. 

  1. Every month new tools enter the marketplace.
  2. Tool integration with all the other tools is largely non-existent or only integrating with the largest solutions.
  3. These new tools generate an increasingly large set of data about a component of the software builds under development.
Colouful indicators quickly show status

Problem: Software managers make daily release and feature development decisions

What if there was a way to incorporate real-time, accurate test result data into the decision-making process?

Calliope Pro enables project stakeholders to immediately see the real-time status of the different environments, features, and components, and therefore the current state of quality their software product is in. 

Problem: No software build data transparency

Calliope Pro is a universal integrator of data. 

We use CI/CD pipeline magic to import test result data that is generated from the end-to-end activities that test a component of your software, and turn it into graph-based intelligence. 

Calliope support CI integrations
We support the tools you need.

Problem: New tools require you to change your tech stack

Calliope Pro makes no demands from you to change or replace any of your existing tech-stack. Our solution fits into your overall architecture as a component in a workflow. 

API calls or CI/CD auto-magic is how we pull in your data. Calliope Pro’s magic is to transform all that data into meaningful decision-making intelligence. 

Problem: Unit tests are undervalued and unseen

  • Developers may or may not write unit tests. 
  • Software managers may or may not know what coverage unit tests provide. 
  • No one except the developer may know what the daily runtime results are. 

Calliope Pro can pull in all your developer’s unit tests, graph the result data for everyone to see, and help shift testing to the left. 

Developer Unit Tests

Problem: Unknown coverage of automated tests

You have a QA Engineer writing automated tests, but a software manager doesn’t know what the coverage is unless they do a specific review of the test cases themselves. 

This is a huge time hit for a software manager. 

Calliope Pro makes every single automated test easily viewed and reviewed through a drill-down link process. Test coverage changes are highlighted in the top level dashboards, so you can see the changes in coverage as tests are written. 

Problem: Unknown data concerning regression test cycles

Regression testing has started.

  • How far through are you? 
  • How many tests are done?
  • How many are left to do?
  • What are the results so far? 

Every regression test cycle will see these questions asked by a stakeholder. Yet, the answers are never straightforward to find, and the feedback may not always be reliable.

Calliope Pro tracks progress in real-time as testers can import their BDD test cases and mark them off as they go. The results are graphed alongside all the other test results data being imported.

Information on regressions
Calliope supports many testing tools and frameworks

Problem: Someone just added a new test tool. What do you do with it?

All tools have one common feature, they produce result data. 

Once a test result data set is made, Calliope Pro can take it from there. Calliope Pro supports most of the common export formats used by best-in-class test solutions in use today. If not, talk to us! We are making new result importers all the time, and if your new tool is a good one, we can prioritise making an importer for it within a few weeks.

Problem: You have a new test solution with limited or no support

Service support is built-in to Calliope Pro via chat functionality and a Slack channel. At the other end of the chat are our Product Owner and development team. 

We provide live support during business hours. Our service request response time is measured in minutes, not hours or weeks. 

If you need help, we’re here!

Many customer support options
Calliope supports the tools your team uses

Problem: Your new solution comes with strict vendor lock-in

Calliope Pro is based on open-source components.

Any assets we make can be used by their foundation open-source project, which can be downloaded from the web at any time. 

Your assets are stored in a repository of your choice, that you control. Should you stop working with spriteCloud, your test assets will continue to work. 

Our value-add is our expertise and Calliope Pro’s data transformation features. 

We do not lock you into Calliope Pro. Period! 

In today’s software development lifecycle, QA and testing are critical elements for creating incredible products, but they often slow down development progress. Test Automation can alleviate some of the pressure by automating much of testing, but how do you make sense of all the data?

Calliope Pro helps your team find the music in the noise of test result data.

Problem: A new solution is complex and hard to understand

Calliope Pro is sophisticated, but not extremely hard to understand. 

We know that you will benefit from training on using the solution to get up and running efficiently, in the shortest possible time. 

We provide solution training for up to 15 team members to take them from beginner to expert in as little as 2 days. From there, those team members become your organisation’s trainers and evangelists.

Using Calliope is easy

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